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What makes some leaders so much
more effective than others?

In his new book, Peter Montoya unlocks 10 essential soft skills to
help anyone become a more empowered, effective leader.

  • How to use feedback to unleash unlimited growth.
  • What boundaries are, and how great teams use them to resolve conflicts before they start.
  • Integrity is a super-power that super-charges growth by creating unbreakable trust.
  • Demystifying empowerment - what it means and how to get it.

Empowering High-Performance Teams

The Power of
Great Leadership

Based on research in Behavioral Economics and Positive Psychology, this presentation builds motivation, improves performance, and helps teams work together more effectively by creating a culture of responsibility and growth.

There are gifted speakers, and there are best-selling authors, and there are successful entrepreneurs… but rarely do you find all three in one person.
Peter Montoya is that rare exception – a thought leader, skilled orator, and powerful coach with real-life experience bootstrapping a software company from nothing to a multimillion dollar exit. And while he's read just about every book there is on leadership, his wisdom on the topic comes directly from the front line. He knows leadership because he's done it.

Our flagship program for business leaders, The High-Performance OrganizationTM ("HiPO"), is a revolutionary system that empowers leaders in any field to break through administrative overwhelm and management hassles with a proven leadership system that ignites purpose-driven passion, improves morale, inspires productivity, and creates unprecedented, lasting organizational success.

Lead an incredibly motivated team committed, wake up every morning knowing exactly where to spend your time and energy, enjoy a thriving, positive work environment, eliminate stress, eradicate overwhelm, and free yourself of management minutia...

Want to build a powerful team, supercharge productivity, and drop $50k to $100k or more to the bottom-line...all while reinvigorating your passion for the business?

The High-Performance OrganizationTM

Feedback plays a crucial role in helping us improve. So why do we resist? Why can't we accept it? In this fun, insightful presentation, Peter reveals how to transform your organization into a hyper-growth powerhouse by accepting and leveraging feedback.

Why do some people seem to have 'it' and others don't? In this entertaining and pragmatic presentation, Peter shares the 10 Secrets of Leadership Power, and demystifies the internal skills and strategies of the world's most successful leaders.

  • Why have people & organizations become buttressed against feedback?
  • How to turn feedback from an attack to a gift?
  • What is the difference between ruthless and rigorous?
  • How does an organizational feedback agreement transform organizations overnight.
  • Why some people have “it”, others don’t, and how to get it.
  • What is empowerment, really? And how do leaders empower their teams?
  • How is “top down” leadership completely incongruent with innovation?
  • The step-by-step system to create more leadership power.

Your experience and credentials can only take you so far. In order to be successful, team members and leaders in any field must master essential soft skills. In this presentation, Peter shares practical ideas anyone can implement quickly and easily.

The Hard Truth
About Soft Skills

The Leadership "It" Factor

Feedback Agreement

Inspire and empower your team...
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Inspiring, Engaging, Motivational,
& Transformational.

"Many speakers and authors have migrated to the leadership space because they crave the spotlight or feel that it's a lucrative market.

For me, it's much more
than that. I genuinely
believe that it's my
purpose to empower the
next generation of leaders,
to connect them to their own purpose,
to challenge them to do more than they
ever thought possible, and to help them lift
and empower others."

Leadership Development
Keynote Speaker

Best-Selling Author


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The 10 Secrets of


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Peter Montoya

Best-selling author of The Brand Called YOU

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"An incredible read. It will forever change
the way you think about leadership."

Peter Montoya, Inc. is the premiere leadership development and soft skill training company, designed for organizations that believe in optimizing potential through knowledge and empowerment. Through our uniquely crafted presentations and workshops, based on the science of leadership and positive psychology, we help companies around the globe discover new ways to improve performance and help their teams think and collaborate more effectively.

One of the most sought after speakers in the industry...

In the information economy, the key to growth isn’t directing your team, it’s empowering them with the confidence and tools to lead themselves.

Peter Montoya, the entrepreneur who led a successful company to a multi-million-dollar exit, has traveled the globe, educating thousands and revolutionizing how organizations develop high-performance teams.


  • 60% of leaders know that soft skills are more important than hard skills.
  • What are soft skills, and how do you develop them?
  • Which soft skills will benefit your organization the most.
  • Soft skills rising tide lifts all boats, making your whole life better.