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Peter Montoya has spent decades developing human potential. His business acumen, personal journey, human behavioral insights, and years of real-life unifying experiences,  making him one of the most sought-after minds in the United States.

Over the years, Peter has developed a unique ability to deconstruct big ideas like unity, diversity, and inclusion into practical steps anyone can easily understand and apply to make their businesses—and their lives—better. His techniques can be used by any organization to become more cohesive, work better together, and build revenue. 

Ultimately, Peter’s perspective of these big ideas allows companies, organizations and teams to accomplish more.

Reuniting these United States

In his latest book, The Second Civil War: A citizen’s guide to healing our fractured nation (August 3, 2021 – preorder here), Peter Montoya dissects how fear-based messaging and highly accessible technology have led everyday Americans into the early stages of a second civil war—and offers strategies for bringing it to an amicable end. 

The lessons from this book extend past politics to underline the importance of optimizing ourselves for the benefit of all, rather than trying to get ahead of others.



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