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We are an incredible species inhabiting an amazing planet – but the numerous social, political, and environmental crises we face cast a dark shadow over our intertwined future. The issues can be overwhelming. Many of us don’t know where to begin.

Join seasoned speaker, thinker, and best-selling author Peter Montoya as he hosts For Good – a podcast series that sets out to create a deeper understanding of these pressing issues, and provide insight into how we can help ensure an enduring civilization.

Peter’s conversations with a variety of thought leaders will guide listeners toward making positive changes in their immediate environment, and in turn help create an abundant and equitable world that can provide for all who live on it.  

Topics range from the personal to the public; from the political to the environmental, but they’re underpinned by a single mantra: that a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world allows individuals to make small changes, ultimately contributing to the greater good.

That Inspire Action

Peter Montoya and his audience will journey together as he talks to leading scholars, philosophers, thinkers, and doers. From discussions about how humans are wired for both cooperation and competition, to hard questions around division and discrimination, the intention is to listen, enlighten, and inspire.