Is the metaverse a good or a bad thing? Peter explains

“Urth” is a social media company that empowers its members to bring people together and solve the problems they care most about. In this meetup from ecosystem AI, host Rob Janssens interviews Peter Montoya about Urth and how he envisions it will change the social media landscape.

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OK. My question is is perhaps a little bit more of a personal question just and a little bit more open ended and perhaps a little provocative. But what are your thoughts on the metaverse? 00, I’m so glad that you asked that question.


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Yeah. I think the Metaverse is moving 1,000,000 miles an hour in the wrong direction for humanity. And there’s I mean, I don’t want to sound like one of these kind of old codgers who go, you know, that new fangled technology?


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I’ll ever use it. I would love to. I’ve used an Oculus headset with my son or playing a video game. It was huge fun. It was very, very captivating, a wonderful experience. And when my Mark Zuckerberg said in his announcement, You know, we think we can reduce the release of carbon by minimizing the number of meetings that


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we take. I’m OK with that, you know, the occasional conference being done by Oculus, but aura as some kind of air where you have a pair of glasses. But here are some of the challenges that come with it.


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Number one, Facebook might just be the least trusted corporation on the planet. It’s bad enough that they’re tracking my activity on Facebook and using cookies where I’m going on the web. The last thing I’m going to do is have a pair of glasses on with a camera on it that sees everything on my computer screen that our


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Facebook has a handle on. That’s not happening. I’m also not going to wearing a £1, a big giant headset all day during work. That’s not happening. And most people have fatigue after 30 minutes to an hour of wearing a headset, plus a third of the population gets motion sick in that.


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And then on top of all of that, once again, with my earlier principle that people need physical contact, that we need to have an interconnected community of people which are interacting together. It’s not only we’re just I know you and I know Rob, but yes, and Rodriguez know each other and we all know each other, these tribes


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. The Work Place is about one of the last places that adults can have that tribal like connection with another group of people. So eliminating that by making everyone go virtual is not a replacement is a bad idea for humanity.


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So for very limited applications like the occasional conference, the occasional meeting great as a replacement for the workplace. And it’s a horrible idea if you were more committed to national unity than partizanship. Please check out my book The second Civil War A Citizen’s Guide to Healing Our Fractured Nation.


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My book will challenge you to improve your relationship with friends and family. Click the link in the description below.