I’m creating a social media platform, here’s why

“Urth” is a social media company that empowers its members to bring people together and solve the problems they care most about. In this meetup from ecosystem AI, host Rob Janssens interviews Peter Montoya about Urth and how he envisions it will change the social media landscape.

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The real reason that I’m creating Earth is I think that our both are multinational corporations, are federal governments, and the international community is failing at solving our global problems. So I think that we are facing now global problems and our governments are unable to solve them.


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And I think there’s actually mass agreement what a lot of those problems are and people are frustrated. I remember watching this last year or so when India was having 3000 4000 deaths per day from COVID. I was reading articles about it going, How do I help?


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I felt so frustrated. So what our platform really does is it races and eliminates the barriers from people, whether it be politics, religion or political factions, countries, language, so we can actually facilitate global cooperation to solve our really big problems.


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That’s why the platform really exists. Civility, of course, is important because we can actually have useful conversations. But what I’m actually really interested in doing is perpetuating our survival of our species. I have numerous fears on the horizon in the next 50 to 100 years.


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I mean, I don’t think unless we have allow for more collective problem solving, we’re going to get that. If you were more committed to national unity than partizanship, please check out my book The second Civil War A Citizen’s Guide to Healing Our Fractured Nation.


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