I wrote the first political self-help book, here’s why

In this excerpt from the Coz Green Audio Experience Podcast, Coz Green asks Peter Montoya about the personal experiences that inspired him to write his latest book, The Second Civil War.

So let’s start with what motivated you to actually write this book.

So what went off in your head that said, I’ve got to share this message?

Oh, gosh. Well, I had to learn the message for myself because I was deeply engaged in the second civil war. I was very, very partizan, very, very angry and frothy on a regular basis about politics. My father in law would regularly send out e-mails touting and proselytizing his political position and his political candidate choice.

And I, after a while, got fed up and I replied to one of his emails and one of the nastiest, snarkiest, passive aggressive ways possible. And as I was pushing the send button of this really horrible email, I thought it was justified.

And I felt really righteous and good about that choice. About 24 hours later, I was kind of thinking, should I sent that email? Should I send it? And then went back into my sent email. I read the email and it’s like, this is not me.

Why did I send this email? This is not who I am or how I behave. This is not kind. It’s not even fair. So I had to reach out to him. He was furious, so furious that he didn’t respond to the email.

He really didn’t want to take my phone call. But he was gracious enough to have dinner with me where I had to, well, I didn’t have to, I felt compelled to do a full mea culpa and apologize and own it.

I didn’t in any way put any of the blame on him. Like oftentimes people behave badly and go, well, if your position wasn’t so bad, I wouldn’t have behaved so bad. No, I just really owned it. And because I really reflected on that incident, I had to investigate why I did that.

Why did I behave that way? Why did I believe what I believe? And that was the genesis for my research. So as I write the book and people they ever read it and feel that, I really do my best not to be preachy or saying, you know, stop doing this behavior.

The only reason I know it so well is because I was doing it myself. So the book in many regards was written for me to help me understand why I was behaving so badly.

And who’s the intended audience for the book? Who who who are you writing this for? Who’s your avatar?

It really is. Every friend and family member, especially those on social media, who I would open up the, you know, the post or the feed of social media and I would see all this vitriol, all this hatred, and I would hear stories about people being shoved against walls and being threatened for their lives, I would see friends who had

been friends for years disavow one another. So it was for all of my friends in my family who were going through this really bloody, bloody, metaphorically bloody conflict with one another. That’s who I voted for. So the book, you know, frequently you might think, is a political book.

And it really is. And I think it’s the first political self-help book or leadership book. So even though it looks like a political book, it actually is written for everyday Americans in a very common sense, practical way.

If you are more committed to national unity than partisanship, please check out my book, The Second Civil War: A Citizen’s Guide to Healing Our Fractured Nation. My book will challenge you to improve your relationships with friends and family.

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