How the media manipulates others

In this video, Dan Lier interviews Peter Montoya about his latest book and asks about the current political division of America, the real beneficiaries of a divided nation, and what you can do about it.

So what we’ve forgotten as Americans is it is not Republican against Democrat, it is Republican and Democrat versus our collective problems. So currently right now, the Civil War, what it’s really about is about power.


It’s about I want my side to beat your side, annihilate your side at any cost so that we have power and we win. It really isn’t about solving our problems. Right. Winning media, as you are accurately mentioning, is absolutely horrible.


Horrible. I stopped watching the news, I think it was in January or February this year, and I cannot tell you how much better I feel. And the reason being is it really is OK to go out and fight for ideas.


It’s not only a responsibility, not only you’re right, but a responsibility. Yes. It is American to go out and fight for fight, fight for what you believe in and to voice your opinion. Here’s the distinction that I would plead, though, because you do have the first American first.


First of all, it right to violate my request. I really think it’s OK for you to go out and fight ideas, but we’re going to stop fighting each other. So it’s not OK in my book and this is just me, I have no more authority than my opinion will follow.


I don’t think it’s OK to attack other Americans. And every single time that we label slander, vilify, objectify another American. There is really only one winner. And that winner, that winner are our enemies. So there is no one happier from the last five to 12 years in our American politics than Russia, China, Iran, North Korea.


No one could be happier to watch us fighting ourselves, not moving our country forward, so busy fighting ourselves that they’re pretty much running. They’re running the board in their respective areas. So when you attack another American, literally, not figuratively, our enemies are the ones who gain.


They could be not happier to see us attacking one another.


Yeah. When I read that in your book, Peter, that really hit me. That really did hit me because I never thought about it that way before. And I’m convinced that most people haven’t either. And I thought that was powerful, because if if if we could get people to think that way, that we are harming our country and


helping other countries by ridiculing or demeaning other people, I think that would be a huge step for us. So I love that. And I think, you know, as a guy who’s been around successful people my entire life, I think when you break things down to the, you know, the first step issues, if you will, if you look


at it from a granular perspective or, you know, people that study physics, you know, they call it a first principle approach, right? Way over my head. But they talk about the first principle approach. And that’s it is is being nice to the people around you and realizing that when we’re cutting down other people, we’re actually


helping our enemies. That would be a huge step.


Right. We’ve heard the phrase that, you know, we’re tearing apart the social fabric and we hear that. Yes. But we don’t realize what it means. And what it means is all those little connections. One of our superpowers as a country is optimism.


And right behind optimism is cooperation. And that we have found the ability to cooperate with people that we disagree with, which forwards in the best interests of us as two people and us as a country. And so the more we keep tearing apart these familiar or friend or employer employee relationships, the less likely we are to connect


and actually hear each other out and cooperate. That is hurting our ability to cooperate to solve big problems.

If you are more committed to national unity than partisanship, please check out my book, The Second Civil War: A Citizen’s Guide to Healing Our Fractured Nation. My book will challenge you to improve your relationships with friends and family.


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