How social media should be dealing with personal attacks

“Urth” is a social media company that empowers its members to bring people together and solve the problems they care most about. In this meetup from ecosystem AI, host Rob Janssens interviews Peter Montoya about Urth and how he envisions it will change the social media landscape.

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Outrage is incredibly important, outrage and anger and grief and sorrow. We in no way want to eliminate that or should we eliminate that from the human experience. We just want the expression of that to be done in a civil manner so you can be outraged.


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I think what we’re going to do, which is very, very different from every other community platform and the community in terms of service, is that we will be banning personal attacks so you can attack an idea all that you want.


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You just can’t attack people or groups of people on our platform. So that’ll be one of the mechanisms and policies where we’re putting in place. So attack an idea. Get us excited about it. And also that point, you could also even use colorful language.


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So in our society, if we don’t, what’s hard about natural language processing, isn’t it really is contextual? So I am on Facebook. I watch this TV show called It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which is unbelievably crass. I cannot explain to you how profane and crass that it is.


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And most of the people on that page are sharing lines in the show, which out of context, feel hateful, but in context of the conversations about the show, it’s perfectly appropriate. And so we want to use the social graph of a community, which is what naturally happens in the real world to be able to say, well, that


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was inbounds or out of bounds as to what you actually said. So we’re not even necessarily going to be filtering out swear words from our platform because in natural communication, we kind of learn we can cannot say what is in and out of bounds.


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So we’re taking this analog experience that we naturally have. You might have one version of you when you were with your parents or grandparents where you would never use a four letter word and then you might be in a bar the next day with your buddies and use tons of Four-Letter words.


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So it’s very, very contextual, and that’s where our system allows for. If you were more committed to national unity than partizanship, please check out my book The second Civil War A Citizen’s Guide to Healing Our Fractured Nation. My book will challenge you to improve your relationship with friends and family.


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