How I will manage my new social media company “Urth”

“Urth” is a social media company that empowers its members to bring people together and solve the problems they care most about. In this meetup from ecosystem AI, host Rob Janssens interviews Peter Montoya about Urth and how he envisions it will change the social media landscape.

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There’s also other social media platforms that are on the horizon, and the large narrative is about decentralization. So any of the major technology companies Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, it’s all about centralized centralizing all of your data. And we’re moving now to a decentralized model, whereas you with the I don’t use the word user in our company, we


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use the word member that you, the member, owned your data. And when you share your data, it is only for the help of helping you find what you’re looking for, make you more useful recommendations. And whenever you decide that you no longer want your data with that organization, you pull it away and that organization doesn’t have it


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anymore. And also, a lot of the user data is now being decentralized such that it can’t be hacked. Well, is used to hack a lot more places. You know, nothing’s perfect and safe. So rather than hacking one central database to get all the data, it would be much, much, much.


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And that’s the model. If you were more committed to national unity than partizanship. Please check out my book The second Civil War A Citizen’s Guide to Healing Our Fractured Nation. My book will challenge you to improve your relationship with friends and family.


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