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Absolute Responsibility



Gets the job done

The oxygen of growth

Build meaningful bonds

Learn more about this powerful, results-focused workshop.

Generate accomplishments that create personal and team pride, empower self-direction and skilled decision-making aligned with organizational goals.

Open interconnected lines of communication, build human bonds and collective support, and electrify morale with genuine connections.

Create a fully-aligned, harmonious workforce, improve team follow-through, and develop a culture of honesty, free of fear.

Up-level productivity and eliminate finger-pointing and blaming while rocketing morale.

Eradicate self-righteousness, encourage humility, improve processes and performance, and encourage feedback sharing and acceptance by reframing it as the gift that it is.

Help teams identify what is or is not okay and communicate that effectively, reduce (or eliminate) complaints, create a safe work environment in which teams authentically thrive.

"Not my job" Mentality,
Not a Team Player

We eradicate this momentum-killing thinking by helping team members develop an atmosphere of respect and a passion for participation, encouraging group ownership of tasks, solutions, results, and successes.

Poor Communication

We help teams learn to interact more directly and effectively, and empower them to clarify their needs and instructions in ways that are conducive to building relationships, rather than creating friction.

Unreliable Behavior

We help teams establish a culture of integrity and accountability, counteracting "un-un-un" behavior and creating a virtuous cyle of trust, professionalism, and productivity.




We combat indifference and disinterest by helping team members discover purpose-driven inspiration, tapping into a limitless reservoir of motivation and supercharging productivity.

We elminate back-stabbing, gossip, and revenge mentality by helping teams establish boundaries, and arming them with the skills needed to resolve issues before they fester and infect.

We help teams develop the skills necessary to remain calm under pressure and cool under fire, teaching them to maximize their resourcefulness while minimizing energy-draining stress.

The High-Performance Team℠ Workshop eliminates these common workplace obstacles:

We teach practical empowerment to
inspire innovation & ignite performance

In today's organizations we're all under pressure to make sound decisions quickly—in the midst of a seemingly endless barrage of data and opinions. Teams that are empowered to communicate and understand one another's needs will rise to the occasion, while unempowered teams suffer discord, overlook critical steps, and miss opportunities. Deals are lost. Innovation is stifled.


The High-Performance Team℠ workshop is based on more than 25 years of research and extensive implementation at Global 1000 corporations. It addresses the challenges organizations face head-on by arming team members with the 6 essential tools and 35 techniques they need to lead themselves and produce results. A powerful, transformative workshop to inspire innovation, ignite performance, improve productivity, and develop the next generation of leaders.

The High-Performance Team

In two transformative days your team will receive 6 essential tools, and learn 36 applicable techniques...


Creates a virtuous cycle


Improves communication


Stimulates unlimited motivation