Together, huge challenges become small hurdles.

Uncover and drive behaviors that restore what’s missing in the world.

Our Community

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The human race is behaving badly—we’re not only a threat to the planet but also our own survival. But this community seeks to change that.

So far, humanity has failed to collaborate effectively to find a solution to secure our future. We set off on paths paved with good intentions, but ultimately fail to connect our own, narrow trail with those of others.

We need to merge our footpaths into runways; combine personal goals with global needs.

At UNIFY, we are carefully calculating the behaviors that bring people together, starting at the individual level and working outwards. Every member is driven to reshape the way they live their own lives in order to have a better influence on others. 

We’re chasing a grand goal to reunite the disparate parts of ourselves, our communities, and the planet—and we hope you’ll help us.


Build a better tomorrow

We bring together business owners and employees, young upstarts and old hands, educators and learners, creators and innovators, and more people just like you and me. They’re united behind the belief that cooperation is the key to building a better world.

These are people who desire to have a lasting positive impact—on themselves, their organizations, their communities, and the planet—by taking practical steps to lead purpose-driven lives that build a brighter future for all.


When we win, the world wins

Through a blend of training programs, content, collaborations, and opportunities for action, you’ll discover how to live aligned to purpose, elevate yourself above anxiety, filter out harmful influences and be a better influence yourself, and feel empowered to do something about the issues, habits, and systems that affect you and those around you.

We need you to amplify a community that makes the world a better place.

Curated Content

Gain access to a library of knowledge on everything from meditation and motivation to media addiction ,self-leadership, and skepticism.

Opportunities for Action

Learn and connect with organizations leading projects and causes you care about and respond to opportunities to get involved.

Feed Your Purpose

Create and share your own content about the things you care most about to get the attention of a community-driven to improve individual and collective happiness.

Connect to Community

Take part in exclusive Q&A sessions with podcast guests and join a monthly community call with our founder, Peter Montoya.

Knowledge is Power

Learn how doing good is good for business, and become empowered to have the greatest impact in your life and the lives of others.

Something Big

Be part of finding, refining, and implementing thoughtful solutions to our species’ biggest problems.


Be the first to know when we go live


We’ll soon be opening enrollments for Founding Unifiers—300 spots will be available at a last-a-lifetime membership fee of $10 per month.

This is the lowest it’ll ever be, and you’ll get access for as long as you remain an active member.

Our Founding Unifiers will be instrumental in helping us define, build and lead the direction of the community.

However, we don’t just let anyone in…

As a Founding Unifier, we need you to amplify our shared purpose; to be the living embodiment of our mission and behave as a leader of change in yourself and in others. We’re only interested in those genuinely committed to taking practical steps to optimize themselves, influence their communities, and have a lasting positive impact on the planet. Sound like you?