Can social media companies adopt different business models?

“Urth” is a social media company that empowers its members to bring people together and solve the problems they care most about. In this meetup from ecosystem AI, host Rob Janssens interviews Peter Montoya about Urth and how he envisions it will change the social media landscape.

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I remember I saw in 2009 there was some rumors that Facebook might start charging, and there was a huge kind of uproar from the Facebook community, people saying Don’t charge, don’t charge, don’t charge. And then Facebook came out with a promise and said it was on their website for the longest time.


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Facebook is free, always has been and always will be. And consumers side a huge sigh of relief that Oh thank God. But of course, now we know what that’s got us. So I think consumers are a little more open to some different models.


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And so one model one model is that you do say, I’m going to share my data. And what I’m sharing my data, I’m actually going to get paid to be watching advertising that’s currently in place. That’s one model, but it’s based on choice.


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And it’s also based on you removing your data and it being evaporated from the system once it’s gone. So that’s one model. Another model is a percentage of subscription revenue, which is a big part of our platform. Our platform is really geared toward creators, which are video creators and podcast creators and other influencers who are creating content


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and currently their best way to monetize that is through advertising. We want to give them also a better subscription tool. Patreon is the next closest company to doing what we’re doing there, but we think we do that really poorly.


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So most likely, and we can also charge the creators a subscription revenue subscription price as well. So we’re going to be looking to really charge the creators to help them build and manage their communities. And more importantly, we want to be a community, which means there’s discourse between creators and their fan base versus right now, there are


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