The Importance of Absolute Responsibility

    Power is the ability to achieve intended results. No matter what you want in life (better health, improved relationships, more free time, a better job, or upgraded finances) they all require increasing your power. 

    And the single best way to do that is to take absolute responsibility. Period.


    So many of us are filled with excuses. If you’re late to work, you blame traffic rather than admit you didn’t leave early enough. If you’re not making enough money, you blame the economy or lack of opportunities instead of creating opportunities for yourself. If you’re not disciplined enough, you blame your upbringing.


    Absolute responsibly is one of the hardest truths to accept, because it forces us to look in the mirror and see some very real flaws. I’ve been there! It’s difficult. Victimhood (blaming others) feels nice and safe...but it doesn’t get us where we want to go.


    Outside circumstances do matter, but your reactions matter even more. Take a look at what you’d like to achieve or accomplish. Now realize that someone else started from worse circumstances than you and clawed their way to your dream.


    Call them lottery winners if you want. Obviously luck and opportunity play roles in our lives, but those who succeed don’t rely on them. They make their own path, massively increasing their odds of success.


    Before I took my first personal development course, when I was 18, my life was complete chaos. I perceived many handicaps were keeping me where I was. I had ADHD, ODD, and PTSD, a victim of severe emotional and physical abuse. Rather than acknowledge these conditions, I used them as badges of honor to create excuses, reveling in drama all the time.


    It wasn’t until I accepted my circumstances and owned my outcomes that my life really began to change. I realized I was choosing drama over results. I chose excuses over achievement. When I let go of my excuses, life radically improved. 


    Absolute responsibility is the most important source of power. 


    If you lack knowledge, learn it. If you lack discipline, practice and develop it. Absolute responsibility will take you there, even if it takes time.


    • Want a better career?
    • Want better relationships?
    • Want to be happier, healthier, and feel more alive?
    • Want to change the world?


    You're responsible.


    Finally, I’d argue that humanity doesn’t have time to allow for dis-empowered people to run things. We need everyone giving the best of themselves in order to solve the problems facing our communities and our world. Our planet, our families, and our very lives desperately need empowered people living their purposes.



    Peter Montoya is the #1 best-selling author of The Brand Called YOU and his latest book The 10 Secrets of Leadership Power. He’s also a Fortune 500-trusted keynote speaker and leadership development strategist, specializing in cultivating high-performance teams. To request a media interview, visit www.petermontoya.com, or call (949) 334-7070. 

    This article is freely available for reprint, provided it is not modified ⁠(unless permission is given) and the resource box is included with the article.


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