A Leader’s Business Opening Strategy

    Safety and confidence are priorities as companies call workers back.

    After a trying two months, businesses are eager to make a comeback. As governments grapple with public policy choices in reopening the economy, CEOs and owner-operators are struggling to find the safest way to bring their employees back to the workplace.  

    Right now, business leaders must prioritize safety and confidence. My good friend Aaron Klein understands this truth. Aaron is the founder and CEO of Riskalyze, a leading-edge fintech company providing risk analysis software to financial advisors.

    “When your employees feel safe and confident, that has a ripple effect,” Aaron notes. “It comes across, and it promotes confidence among your clients and customers. I think that holds true whether you’re a B2B firm or a B2C firm.”

    In assessing this new risk, Aaron has come to see his leadership in a new light.

    “What really dawns on you at a time like this is that you’re not just running a business, you’re also leading a community,” he says. “You’ve created a community in building your company, and that community is looking to you and asking you to keep them safe, or at least do the most you can to reduce risk.”

    While Riskalyze hasn’t formally set a date to reopen its Georgia and California offices, Aaron and his administrative operations team have identified what the company needs to do to reopen responsibly.

    Riskalyze’s Re-open Plan:

    1. Offer waivers to those who want or need to keep working from home
    2. Stock an abundant supply of masks
    3. ‪Have hand sanitizer stations throughout the floorplan
    4. ‪Employees must “gel in” before entering break rooms
    5. ‪Packaged snacks will replace buffet lunches
    6. ‪Elbow bumps and hands over hearts will replace handshakes and hugs
    7. Reassess the re-opening strategy as necessary

    “About 30% of our employee base requested waivers, and more volunteered to stay on work-from-home if needed,” Aaron reports. “We’ll reopen at 50% or less of normal density to start, and then gradually ratchet toward normal from there.”

    Like any great leader, Aaron knows Riskalyze would be nothing if not for its people. “I’m incredibly grateful for so many Riskalyzers who have worked so hard to stand behind the advisors we love to serve during this crisis.”


    Peter Montoya is the best-selling author of The Brand Called You and his latest books, Meetings Without Walls and Leadership Power. He’s also a sought-after and highly motivational keynote speaker and leadership development strategist, specializing in developing high-performance teams. To find Peter, visit www.PeterMontoya.com or call (949) 334-7070.



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